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In life there are situations that we can not see before, such as illnesses, death, etc. A life insurance company allows us to think about financial security, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our family will be covered when we fail.

Normally, nobody wants to think about them, but, above all, if someone is financially dependent on you, we do not have to refrain from thinking about what would happen to them. We all have the responsibility of protecting a person with a certain amount (capital) with a life insurance policy; and this amount is the basis of your family’s financial security.

These are the main advantages of having a life insurance policy:

These are the main advantages of having a life insurance policy:

  • It helps you to contribute your income to your family, even if the family is totally dependent, even partly, on its contribution. It will help you replace your income.
  • If you have no unpaid debts, your family will not have to face these expenses; For example, your mortgage, any of your unpaid bills, funeral expenses, taxes, or even a business, may also include the debts you may have.
  • It is a subsidy to pay for the needs of families in the future, such as studying your children, purchasing a new home, retirement savings, etc.
  • It lets you get instant money for death expenses.

As an add-on, life insurance can be contracted with other guarantees to cover the most important and unexpected situations as well as for you and your family members. For example:

Life insurance

  • Serious illness or disability, which are situations that can be traumatic for your economy. We want to offer financial intermediaries to improve the quality of life of the Insured, as well as to cure it with medical and surgical treatments and / or rehabilitation.
  • Termination of work, compensation for hospitalization and / or reimbursement of health care costs, to cover the economic needs that may arise after an accident: temporary inability to work, hospitalization periods, tests and medical treatment, surgery, rehabilitation sessions, and so on.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to hire a life insurance policy.