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A loan secured by a technical passport is not only an opportunity to take out a loan for borrowers with a bad credit history, but also in many cases reduces the interest on a loan or loan.

Bank Maximum* Percent Request
Sovcom Bank Up to 80%
from 100 thousand 1.5 million rubles.
From 11.9% to 16.9% To issue
Green Finance for 1 day Up to 80%
from 50 thousand to 10 million rubles.
From 18% per annum To issue
Money immediately Up to 70%
from 75 thousand to 1 million rubles.
From 30% per annum To issue
Carmoney Up to 70%
from 50 thousand to 1 million rubles.
From 30% per annum To issue
Fast money Up to 70%
from 50 thousand to 1 million rubles.
From 30% per annum To issue

A loan secured : pros and cons

A loan secured : pros and cons

Unlike a standard consumer loan, lending on the security of TCP has beneficial advantages.

  1. No need to look for guarantors. The bank is already confident that financial obligations will be fulfilled. If the client fails to cope with financial obligations, the lender will take the car. In this case, the advantage turns into a disadvantage for the client.
  2. The client will issue a similar loan even with a damaged credit history. When a bank receives collateral, it tolerates past late payment and low credit ratings. And after paying off the debt on time, the client will improve the credit history, thanks to which in the future he will also have access to favorable consumer loans.
  3. The procedure for registration of a car loan is simplified, the package of documents is not volume – just a passport and a JTS with a PTS. Sometimes the lender does not even require a certificate of income.
  4. After receiving the pledge, the bank reduces the loan interest rate. This is the best option for people whose credit history is corrupted, since a consumer loan with the same favorable conditions is not available for them.
  5. Banks agree to issue loans of up to 80% of the value of the TCP. If the client has a relatively new car, then he can count on a serious amount of money. The only thing – you should not go to the pawnshop.

For obtaining a car loan, it is recommended to go to a bank or a federal MFI. If an organization has equity and reputation, then it will not risk it. Such companies do not seek to take away transportation from clients. They are aimed at generating income, which cannot be said about the pawnshops.

For reliable companies, the TCP collateral is a guarantee of full repayment of the debt along with%. Cooperation with such an organization will make sure that for both parties to the contract the transaction will be really profitable and secure.

Loans secured by TCP have advantages and disadvantages.


  1. % rate for a loan secured by the TCP bank reduces. Even if the size of the rate has decreased by a couple of points, the total overpayment will be less.
  2. The client will need to provide a minimum of documents, and the procedure for processing the loan is extremely simple and quick.
  3. The bank pledges documents for the car, not the vehicle itself, so the client will continue to drive.
  4. The provision of collateral will increase the duration of the loan agreement. As a result, the amount of the monthly payment will be reduced, and the financial burden on the borrower will decrease.
  5. People even with bad credit history have a chance to get a loan secured by TCP with low interest rates.


  1. If the financial position of the client is shaken, he is no longer able to pay off the debt, the creditor will take the car from him. For people whose work requires a personal car, this will turn into a problem.
  2. The bank imposes a burden on transport, and it will remain in effect until the borrower repays the debt. The owner of the car will not be able to sell the car or donate it to another person.
  3. The owner of the car will use it without TCP. This will lead to difficulties when contacting the insurance company if the driver gets into an accident.
  4. If the car is not new, the borrower will receive no more than 50% of the cost.

Banks take as collateral only those vehicles that meet the requirements. When inspecting a car, the following parameters are taken into account: age of the car, mileage, operation and technical characteristics.

Practice shows that it is easier to get a loan on the security of TCP on a car. Not every bank will agree to accept a truck as a security. Even if the lender issues a loan on the security of a truck TCP, the demands made on such a transport will be tightened.